• Thermoforming Medicine Cup
    Thermoforming Medicine Cup
    Name: Thermoforming Medicine Cup
    Features: Disposable use, with scales
    Volume: 30ml, 1OZ Material: Plastic, PP
    Color: Transparent USA market hot sale
    Medicine cups are suitable for dispending both liquid and dry medications....
  • Medical Alcohol Prep Pad
    Medical Alcohol Prep Pad
    Name: Medical Alcohol Prep Pad
    Function: Use for preparation of skin prior to injection
    Package: 1pcs/pouch with one color printing, box package
    Material: Spunlace non-woven or Laminated non-woven, 70% isopropyl alcohol+ 30% pure water<...
  • Medical Plastic Pill Crusher
    Medical Plastic Pill Crusher
    Name: Medical Plastic Pill Crusher
    Material: Plastic material (ABS, POM, PS with stainless steal blade)
    Feature: Split, Crush and Store Pills
    Color: Blue, Red, White or Customized
    Function: Use for pill cutting and crushing
  • Obstetric Auxiliary Devices
    Obstetric Auxiliary Devices
    Name: Umbilical Cord Clamp, Amniotic Membrane Hook, Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper
    Function: Use at new baby birth course
    Material: PA6, ABS, POM &stainless steal blade
    Color: Yellow, White, Green or Customized
    Individual package wit...
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