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Silent Medical Plastic Pill Crusher Pros and Cons

Time : 2016-10-21 15:15

Silent Medical Plastic Pill Crusher Pros and Cons
Medical Plastic Pill Crusher Crushing is fast. Push the lever down a couple of times and you are done.
Pills are crushed in plastic pouches. This means there is no mess to clean up. Many people reuse the pouches multiple times before replacing, however we do not recommend doing so. Using pouches also helps reduce the risk of mixing medication residue from prior crushes if you share the machine with someone else. This reduces the risk of cross contamination.
It is a high quality, well made machine. It is heavy duty and made with a durable, metal construction. It is not flimsy plastic like the cheaper pill crushers. This is a real tool!
You can crush multiple pills at once. If you take multiple pills at a time, you can crush as many as the plastic pouch will hold. The number varies based on the size of the pills you are crushing.
It’s all mechanical. It does not require electricity or batteries to operate.
It has a high degree of mobility and you can easily move it around wherever you would like.
It has a padded bottom to protect the surface it is sitting on.
It is more expensive than a plastic pill crusher like you would find in a drug store. However, you get what you pay for. This is a quality item and those who use it every day likely agree it’s worth the price. Think of it as a long-term investment. What is it worth to you not to have sore hands or even blisters on your fingers after crushing pills? Also, consider how many of the cheap pill crushers you will wear out. You will only have to buy one Silent Medical Plastic Pill Crusher in your lifetime.
The Silent Medical Plastic Pill Crusher is designed for use in professional healthcare settings, but if you want a pill crusher that works well and is easy to use, it is a good option. We could not give this pill crusher a higher recommendation.
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